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Your Goals Are Our Goals


For over twenty five years,
we've guided companies and individuals through growth
and change.

We're here when your ready to do the hard work.

We are a team of experienced coaches and consultants. 

We utilize world-class assessments, tools, materials, and models. 

We help you dive deep. 

We call out issues. 

We support change. 

We provide accountability. 

We are ARIA Consulting. 


400+ Clients


Year Founded

Teams, Companies, and Individuals

* We serve international firms with operations in Europe, the Americas, and Asia

Assessments Administered

* Certified across various tools offered in 15 different languages.

Real People. Real Results.


Alexa Scordato

Head of Growth & Marketing


Aria's tools like the AVI and DiSC assessments were foundational to helping me understand my values and the dynamics I was experiencing with my team. The work I’ve done with Aria is both pragmatic and powerful, rooted in science and research, but grounded in emotion and empathy. This process of self-awareness and introspection has had a profound impact on how I navigate the world and the choices I make to achieve my goals. 

When I signed up to get coaching, I thought I was getting a person who would help me get a better performance review at work. Little did I know that I’d be getting a friend and mentor who would help me redefine what performance means and help me navigate the ins and outs of personal and professional life transitions. Three years later, I'm healthier, less stressed, in a loving relationship, and my work is better because of it.


Mihir Pathak

Executive Vice President of Strategy

Stack Overflow

Aria's consulting engagement is one of a kind. With Chris' phenomenal support our team came out of the engagement more aligned and closer than ever. In addition to group facilitation, Chris' 1:1 time with me was invaluable. She has the ability to thoughtfully listen and understands the full context of a role and how it fits within a team and business context. She offers constructive and valuable feedback with clear and practical methods for implementation. 


I appreciated how customized the Aria experience is and how Chris tailor’s content to meet one's specific needs. Chris studies each and every member of the team from both an IQ and EQ perspective, and then is able to offer proven systems and tools in order to achieve strategic goals and operational success. 


Don't waste time thinking about working with [Chris, or the Aria team]. Just do it, Chris is the best!


Erik Fogg

President & Co-Founder of ProdPerfect

My CEO/co-founder and I were hitting a lot of tension that we didn’t have the skills to resolve. When we worked together well we were amazing—when we disagreed deeply on something we’d get stuck and it would not only stop being productive, but it’d get painful. As our business grew and the stakes with it, we knew we needed some help.A trusted advisor of ours pointed us straight towards Aria for coaching on making sure we had the tools to disagree in a way that actually became effective, but also to grow individually, face our demons, and get out of our own ways.   


Christine was able to challenge us like few others can. She pushed us way past our comfort zones to confront our own internal BS that was either holding us back from growing or holding us back from seeing reality for what it was. The mental stretching is always a bit uncomfortable, and that’s a good thing—the discomfort is a sign you’re challenging something really fundamental. 


By starting with understanding what we really value, and investing a lot of time in that up front, we were able to tie back so many of our stories about the world—which dictate so much of our behavior—to those values so they can be interrogated, and we can better understand where some of our instincts can be used for both good and ill. The rigor of that values analysis process at the beginning of the coaching journey was something I’ve never seen before. Usually I am used to getting “advice” on day one.


Barry Seidel

Business Executive

Former Senior Vice President of Joerns 

Over the past fifteen plus years I have had the pleasure of working with Chris, John, and the Aria team. Chris’s exposure to a wide number of industries has allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the myriad of business challenges that exist today and how to overcome those challenges in a caring and fiscally responsible manner. She has the unique ability to sense when an organization is heading in the wrong direction and her candid “straight talk” approach has been very valuable in leading organizations to rebuild their culture, values, and visions. 


John’s incredible gift is his ability to listen to and understand what motivates each individual both personally and in the working environment. He has guided me in my quest to build leadership teams that are encouraged to operate in a trusting, collaborative environment and has mentored many folks I have worked with to take on challenges and be leaders.


There is no doubt that the Aria team have had a very positive impact on my career. It is for these reasons that I have continued to work with Aria over all these years and recommended Aria to many colleagues and friends all of whom have utilized Aria successfully . Working with Aria is the best investment you can make in your organization and its people.                                                                                   

Aria Milestones

International Performance Systems (IPS) Founded by Christine Grimm in Los Angeles, CA


Certified distributor of DiSC Assessments by Carlson Learning Company; the first of many certifications in its history


IPS rebrands as Aria Consulting International to double down on executive coaching and organizational consulting


Partnership started with Dr. Sherod Miller to distribute the ISkills Communication tool kit


Partnerships with Infusion Partners LLC (enhanced mobile specialization) and Larry Wilson, Dr. Maxie Maultsby and Dr. George Land (Play to Win, Great Game of Life products)


Certification as a Value Mentor’s consultant to offer the VMAVI and other values-based leadership products


Certified to offer The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team by Wiley Publishing with Author, Pat Lencioni


2020 Aria introduces new online coaching site to better serve individuals ready to take control of their own development


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