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Executive Coaching

We provide one-on-one executive coaching to C-Level, Senior Executives, and Emerging Leaders.  Our engagements include the right balance of assessment and feedback for high levels of clarity.  Providing the right tools and targeted learning to support personal development in connection with organization expectations, individual, and team goals.

Executive Coaching Package

Timeframe: 6-month Engagement
Investment: $30,000 US
Step I: Intake & Discovery
  • Kick off meeting to review Client’s Development History & Learning Preferences  

  • 360 Degree Feedback Process

    • One-on-One Interviews with 8-10 stakeholders (ex: directs, manager, colleagues, business partners etc.) to gather feedback, data and insights

  • Delivery of “best in class” leadership assessment designed to complement and enhance the coaching experience

  • Other data and relevant documents - Analyze background data and other feedback, organization charts, organizational goals, etc. as available (i.e., previous 360's, assessments, employee surveys, other data etc.)

  • Debrief of leadership assessment(s) results and assimilation of comprehensive data and insights.

Step II: Coaching Implementation
  • Initial Stakeholder Meeting to discuss, obtain feedback and align on Leadership Development Plan – Client, Manager and Coach (1 hour) 

  • 6 months of one-on-one coaching sessions leveraging the data and discussions through Step I, create the Leadership Development Plan, including goals and milestones for specific development areas

    • Bi-weekly coaching sessions (Zoom video platform)- Client and Coach (12 hours) 

    • Provision of related books, articles, white papers and/or materials – Coach 

    • Coach available by text or phone between sessions, for consultation, if needed

  • Midpoint Stakeholder Meeting to share and discuss progress – Client, Manager and Coach (1 hour) 

  • Observation in action; optional opportunity for Coach to observe Client in select meetings of Client’s choosing 

Step III: Engagement Finalization
  • Stakeholder closeout meeting and progress review – Client, Manager and Coach (1 hour)

  • Close-out session and progress review – Debrief and creation of a leadership growth sustainability strategy – Client and Coach (1 hour)

**Credit card payment and monthly installment agreements available
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