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Terms & Conditions


Aria Consulting International Inc. includes, all coaching sessions, e-learning courses, and assessments.  Aria Consulting International Inc., Coaches and Consultants are trained professional coaches and facilitators, and make no claim to be medical or mental healthcare professionals.


Reserving a coaching session, undergoing an assessment, and enrolling in an e-learning course is non-refundable and non-transferable in most cases. If you wish to purchase an item or reserve a session for someone else, please have their information; including their email address ready when booking.


When booking with Aria Consulting International Inc. online, your email address and name will automatically be added to a secure mailing list, which you may opt out of at any time. Additional information can be found in our Privacy Policy.


Participation in Aria Consulting International Inc. requires that you can attest to being willing and able to safely engage in stated activities. All experiences are designed to be beneficial, but some may stir up deep or difficult emotions. Aria Consulting International Inc. coaches, consultants, or partners make no claims or guarantees about personal outcomes.


In booking any session(s), undergoing assessments, or enrolling in e-learning courses, with Aria Consulting International Inc., or with its affiliates through it’s website, you agree to release Aria Consulting International Inc.’s coaches, consultants, volunteers, partners or affiliates of any liability for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which may occur as a result of participation in an event, experience, or session. In booking, you acknowledge that you take full responsibility for your wellbeing and actions in regards to participation in Aria Consulting International Inc..


By booking with Aria Consulting International Inc., you signify your acceptance of these terms and our privacy policy. If you do not agree, please do not book, and contact us. Continued engagement following the posting of changes to either policy will be deemed your acceptance of those changes.


If you have any questions about our Terms & Conditions or seek clarification therein, please contact us at our contact form here.

Last updated April, 2021

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