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The Growth Curve

The Growth Curve


Change forever how you see what is happening around you and your business.  With this digital download you will see how transformation theory helps managers and leaders understand how to manage products and organizations along the S-curve. George T. Land's theory identifies the three phases of growth within the smoothed curve that have very different rules and characteristics. During the two breakpoints, the behavior of the system must radically shift for it to succeed.


Once managers understand these dynamics, they can take full advantage of new opportunities (Land, 2000). Based on George Land’s assertion, Man is not limited to the rigid and fixed genetic patterns of animals who will perform their specific growth tasks, Zylstra (2016) declares that men were destined to innovate, to create a better world.



  • You will receive an instant digital download presentation of The Growth Curve with guided audio to keep and put in your personal development toolbox.
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